Town Meeting

For two weeks, Talking Transition asked New Yorkers what they thought the new mayor needed to do to make NYC a great place for all. On November 23, Talking Transition hosted the final event, the Town Meeting. This interactive meeting engaged nearly 500 diverse New Yorkers from all over the city.

Participants came together in small groups and engaged in facilitated discussions about the critical issues affecting New York. This five-hour conversation focused explicitly on housing affordability, police-community relations, and providing a quality education to all New Yorkers.


Event Highlights:

"Do what you said you were going to do, [de Blasio,] and if anyone tries to stop you, mobilize the people who elected you to act. "

- Participant, Table 1

"Stick to the agenda that won you the election. Build, implement, and enforce policies for the people who live here today, and the people who will live here tomorrow."

- Participant, Table 4



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